A teacher is a role model and guide. A teacher is an encourager, a teacher is a learner who guides younger learners into the future. In other words we can says teachers are the building blocks of our society. They provide the foundation for life long learning. Their most important job part is to be a positive role model and a mentor. An effective teacher always pushes their students to do their best and show their full potential.

why teaching is good as a career perspective?

when we talk about teaching i think its a best profession ever so let me share six reason why we think so

Reason no.1 immense job satisfaction, think of a time when you give something valuable to someone in need how did it feel wasn’t it the best feeling ever. Well doctors derive happiness whenever their patients gets well, a software professional become happy whenever their products goes live but teachers they derive immense satisfaction after every hour of delivering their session.

Reason no.2 teaching is a profession that will always be in demand various professions can become obsolete or outdated after some time but teaching is timeless its a profession that will always be in demand no matter how much the world evolves. the only things teacher have to do is a upskill and upgrade themselves with the changing times.

reson no3 teachers get a chance to shape the future with the knowledge wisdom and experience teachers transform the lives of their students they inspire empower and shape young minds to realize and exceed their potential isnt its amazing that they get a chance to create the next noble prize winner or oscar winner or olympic winner.

Reason no 4 teachers get a chance to be a parent to numerous children look up to their teachers as they do to their parents for example some less fortunate children without parents or single parent busy or divorced parents teachers fill also gaps here and make a huge difference in the lives of the students also if the students have both their parents they look up to their teachers as second parents because they get to learn a lot from them which their parents might have missed teaching at home.

Reason no 5 teaching is the only profession where you receive enormous amount of love, affection, respect and gratitude not only when you are at your job but also long after you have quit your job. Sometimes the loves comes in the most unexpected and strangest ways possible for the teachers the amount of love they receive from their students is beyond comparison to the money they make for doing it.

Reason no.6 teachers get to learn throughout their lives in a class there will always be different types of students so in the process of delivering their concepts in more easier and fun ways. Teachers get more creative every day they don’t hesitate to learn new things or acquire new skills isn’t it exciting that they get to learn throughout their lives and i think that’s what makes them an expert in their field and great human beings.

i would like the conclude this writting sharing a very beautiful mantra which is guru brahma guru vishnu guru devo maheshwara guru sakshat param brahama tasma shri guruvai summary this mantra equates teacher to god i think this itself proves the importance of teaching as a profession.

Kshama Das

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