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1. Direction (1-6): Read the passage carefully then answer the questions given below.
People have long circulated news via word-of-mouth, and as language evolved into writing and literacy –
and governments played larger roles in people’s lives – sharing information became a necessity. However,
disseminating news and information on paper presented significant challenges. When each copy had to
be handwritten, mass distribution was impossible. They were first chiseled in stone or metal; later, they
were handwritten and distributed in public forums or read from scrolls by town criers. Though both
ancient Romans and Chinese – as well as other ancient civilizations – had early forms of news media, they
do not qualify as newspapers because they could not be mass-distributed.
The first true newspapers arrived after Johannes Gutenberg introduced his movable type printing press to
the European world around 1440. Though printing presses with movable type had existed in eastern Asia
for around two centuries, they never made it to Europe; furthermore, Gutenberg’s version made it
significantly faster to mass produce documents. By 1500, the printing press had made its way throughout
Europe, and news sheets (or news books) were mass-distributed.
The first weekly newspaper was published in Germany by Johann Carolus in 1604. Called Relation aller
Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien, the publication satisfied the four tenets of a “true”
newspaper: Accessibility by the public , Published at a regular interval (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
,Information is current ,Covers a variety of topics (politics, events, entertainment, sports, etc.) Despite
meeting the requirements for a newspaper, there is some debate as to whether The Relation qualifies as
the world’s first newspaper since it was printed in quarto, not folio, size. It’s worth noting the World
Association of Newspapers considers The Relation the first true newspaper.’
Other German newspapers followed, and in 1618 the world’s first broadsheet newspaper printed in folio
size was published in Amsterdam, called Courante uyt Italien, Duytslandt, &c. The newspaper format soon
spread throughout Europe, with newspapers published in Spain, France, and Sweden. The first English
newspaper was published in 1665 in Oxford, England. Known as the Oxford Gazette, the newspaper moved
to London in 1666 and was renamed the London Gazette. It’s still being published today. Soon after, the
newspaper became a staple in all major European countries. It then made its way to the New World.
Q1. Which of the following options is satisfying the condition for being a tenant of a “true


2. Which of the following options is false according to the


3. What paved the way for the “true newspapers”?


4. Which of the following statement is true regarding newspapers?


5. Choose the word which is most nearly the SIMILAR in meaning to the word ‘disseminating’
printed in bold as used in the passage.


6. In ancient time what was the biggest challenge that the people had to face while circulating the


7. Directions (7-10): In each of the questions given below a part of the sentence is given in bold. It is
then followed by three options. Find the alternative that can replace the given bold part to make
the sentence grammatically and contextually correct. If none of the alternatives is correct and the
sentence is correct as it is then select option (e) as your choice.
Q7. Economist Deena Khatkhate, who will pass away at the age of 92 on September 15 in Bethesda,
Maryland, in the US, was an unusual man.
(i) who passed away
(ii) who shall passed away
(iii) who has passed away


8. A misogynist is a person who is hating women.
(i) Who are hating
(ii) Who have hate
(iii) Who hates


9. Samira is the better of the two girls when it comes to solving
hard mathematic problems.
(i) is the better of two girls
(ii) is better of the two girls
(iii) is better of two girls


10. There are two novels on the table which needs to be read before the exams, but neither one are
(i) neither one has interested
(ii) neither one is interesting
(iii) neither one were interesting


11. Directions (11-17): Each question below has one blank, which is indicating that something has been
omitted. Find out which option can be used to fill up the blank in the sentence in the same sequence
to make it meaningfully complete.
Q11. Homemade gifts can be completely ___________to what the recipient likes.


12. After much thought, Ted ___________not to travel abroad this summer.


13. Bryan is _________in his belief that the earth is flat.


14. The noodle maker was ___________in making his noodles and would never let another person
take over the task.


15. .If it weren’t for the _________circumstances, he would have certainly lost his job.


16. When asked about her father, she lost her outward enthusiasm and became rather________.


17. Directions (17-20): In each of the questions given below four words are given in bold. These four
words may or may not be in their correct position. The sentence is then followed by options with
the correct combination of words that should replace each other in order to make the sentence
grammatically and contextually correct. Find the correct combination of the words that replace
each other. If the sentence is correct as it then select option (e) as your choice.
Q17. Some American officials lead (A) to hope that resumed (B) sanctions on Iran will appear (C) to a
popular uprising (D)


18. Tariffs (A) has imported (B) higher China (C) on 603 items
imposed (D) from the US.


19. NATO ally world (A) leads the Turkey (B) in the journalists
(C) of number (D) jailed.


20. In 2016, rising (A) violence in Pathankot (B) by Islamic militants culminated (C) in attacks on
Indian forces at Uri and Kashmir (D).

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