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1. Q1. The ratio of ages of A and B 4 years ago was 5 : 3. The sum of present ages of A, B and C is 80
years. If present age of C is equal to sum of present ages of A and B. find the present age of A.


2. Q2. The ratio of speed of boat in still water to speed of stream is 8 : 1. It takes 4 hours by boat to
cover 54 km in downstream & 42 km in upstream. Find the downstream speed of boat.


3. Q3. Manoj gave 60% of his salary to his wife and invested rest amount in mutual funds. His wife
spends 30% amount on grocery and 20% on rent. From remaining amount, she purchased gold
worth Rs. 18000. Find salary of Manoj.


4. Q4. the length & breadth of a rectangle is in ratio 4 : 7. If perimeter is 88 cm. find area of rectangle.

5. Q5. the radius of a circle is 14 cm. what is area of another circle having radius 1.5 times the actual

6. Directions (6-10): In the following two equations questions
numbered (I) and (II) are given. You have to solve both equations
and Give answer
(a) If x > y
(b) If x ≥ y
(c) If y > x
(d) If y ≥ x
(e) If x = y or no relation can be established
I. x² – 7x + 12 = 0
II. y² – 8y + 12 = 0


7. Q7.
I. 2x² + x – 28 = 0
II. 2y² – 23y + 56 = 0


8. Q8.
I. 2x² – 7x – 60 = 0
II. 3y² + 13y + 4 = 0


9. Q9.
I. x² – 17x – 84 = 0
II. y² + 4y – 117 = 0


10. Q10.
I. x2 = 81
II. (y-9)2 = 0


11. Directions (11-15):- Read the given information carefully and answer the following questions.
There are four hostels i.e. A, B, C and D.
In hostel A: Number of boys are 120 and number of girls are 30% more than that of number of girls in
hostel B.
In hostel B: Number of boys are double than that of number of girls.
In hostel C: Number of boys are 100 more than that of boys in hostel A and total boys and girls in C is 1000.
In hostel D: Number of boys is 182 more than the number of boys in hostel A. Average of number of girls of
hostel A and that of hostel D is 223.Number of boys in hostel D is 98 less that of boys in hostel B.
Q11. Difference between number of boys and girls in hostel D is what percent of difference between
boys and girls in hostel B?


12. Q12. Find difference between total number of boys and girls together
in hostel A and that in hostel D?


13. Q13. Find ratio of total number of boys and girls together in hostel B
to that of in hostel C?


14. Q14. If 20 boys from each hostel left their hostel then find the average of remaining number of boys
in all the hostels?


15. Q15. Total number of boys in hostel A and that of girls in hostel C is what percent more than number
of boys in hostel B?


16. Q16. X liters of milk is taken out and replaced with water from a container having 240 liters milk.
Now, 20% of the mixture is taken out and replaced with water. In final mixture, the difference in
quantity of milk & water is 128 liters. Find X.


17. Q17. A can do a work in 36 days while B can do the same in 48 days. If A work for ‘x’ days while B
work for ‘x+2’ days then one-third of the work is complete. Find the value of x.


18. Q18. A shopkeeper marked the price of an article by 40% above cost price and gave discount of Rs.
224. On the final amount, he charged 10% tax. In the whole transaction, he earned Rs. 158.6. Find
cost price of the article.


19. Q19. Two friends Pinki and Rinki entered into a partnership by investing an amount of Rs 6000 and
Rs 9000 respectively and ratio of their period of investment is 2: 3. Find the profit share of Pinki if
profit share of Rinki is Rs 45,000.


20. Q20.Time taken to travel a certain distance of ‘x’ km at speed of 40 km/h is 2 hours more than the
time taken to travel (x+20) km at speed of 60km/h. Find the time taken to travel (x+40) km at the
speed of 40 km/h?

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